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  • Intake Assessment (Please complete, print and fax it to 303-554-5657)
  • BSOTR brochure
  • National Standards Project Findings
  • "What is Behavior analysis?" by Howard Sloan
  • PCMA brochure
  • Behavior Tools Training information
  • Health Insurance Mandated for Autism Treatment (HIMAT) Bill
  • Additional information regarding HIMAT
  • Seminal Article defining Applied Behavior Analysis: Baer,D.M.,Wolf, M.M., & Risley, T.R. (1968). Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis, Jnl of Applied Behavior Analysis,1:91-97.
  • Fantastic article on teaching generalization: Stokes, T. F. and Baer, D. M. (1977), An implicit technology of generalization. Jnl of Applied Behav Analysis, 10: 349–367
  • Superb article on considering aesthetics when developing interventions: Hineline, P. N. (2005). The aesthetics of behavioral arrangements. The Behavior Analyst, 28(1), 15.
  • This fascinating article demonstrated a preference of two children for a punishment procedure (indicating oftentimes treament selection may be guided by individuals and evidence): Hanley, G. P., Piazza, C. C., Fisher, W. W., & Maglieri, K. A. (2005). On the effectiveness of and preference for punishment and extinction components of function-based interventions. Jnl of Applied Behavior Analysis, 38(1), 51-65.
  • Amazingly, Don Baer wrote this article in 1980, yet so much of it rings true today regarding the desparity between the science of behavior anlaysis and the practice: Baer, D. M. (1981). A flight of behavior analysis. The Behavior Analyst, 4(2), 85.
  • This article and the research that followed helped evolve our field from the technology of behavior modification into behavior analysis by identifying the function of behavior in a systematic way, and providing the methodology for practioners to use: Iwata, B. A., Dorsey, M. F., Slifer, K. J., Bauman, K. E., & Richman, G. S. (1994). Toward a functional analysis of self‐injury. Jnl of applied behavior analysis, 27(2), 197-209.
  • Profound evaluation of cost/assessment/treatment for excellent ABA consultation: Hanley, G. P., Jin, C. S., Vanselow, N. R., & Hanratty L. A. (2014). Producing meaningful improvements in problem behavior of children with autism via synthesized analyses and treatments. Jnl of Applied Behavior Analysis, 47 (1), 16-36.
  • Excellent guidance on conducting functional assessments for practitioners: Hanley, G. P. (2012). Functional Assessment of Problem Behavior: Dispelling Myths, Overcoming Implementation Obstacles, and Developing New Lore. Behav Analysis and Pract, 5(1), 54-72.